FuelGuard drawing
To calibrate a FuelGuard you will need:
Calibration Gas, Calibrator, regulator & sensor connector assembly and
if you aren't sure the air is gas-free you will also need zero gas.

1. Make sure there is no gas present in
atmosphere and no alarms are on.
Remove splash guard
or poison protection caps from sensor.

2. Have available: magnetic calibrator,
zero gas (if necessary), calibration gas,
regulator & sensor connector assembly.
3. Apply zero air to sensor (if necessary)  
4. Touch zero end of calibrator to CAL
mark near leak detection module display.
When it stops scrolling and "C 0" appears
remove gas
5. Apply span gas to sensor

6 Touch SPAN end of calibrator to CAL mark
near display.
When it stops scrolling and "C XX"
appears, remove gas.
7. After scrolling dashes and version #
flashes three times,
calibration is complete.
Storage of new calibration
Version #
Final concentration
8. Replace splash guard (pictured right).
Repeat for additional sensors.




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