FuelGuard drawing

FuelGuard: The complete leak detection solution
for your alternative fuel vehicles

Saves lives: Provides an early warning of gas leakage so fires and explosions can be prevented.
Saves money: Early warning prevents activation of fire suppression system avoiding maintenance down time and material expense.
Saves time: Use our fast acting gas sensors which encompass a unique "constant temperature" operation allowing for the elimination of false alarms due to climatic conditions (winds, temperature changes, humidity, etc.) The sensor is not subject to interfering gases from sewers, automotive emissions, non-combustible gases, etc.
Reliable: Shock proof, dust proof and waterproof. Electronics are epoxy encapsulated to protect against vibration, rain, dirt, road grease & spray, vehicle cleaning and other hazards. Epoxy encapsulation also protects electronics against handling and static damage.
Easy to install: System uses SAE type wiring and sealed latching connectors.
User-Friendly: Alpha numeric display combined with a fully modular and user programmable system. User can change alarm levels, configuration and calibration factors at local site.
Worry-free: For system safety and integrity the FuelGuard displays alarm, gas level reading, diagnostic and system failure messages. The system provides three alarm levels and a fail alarm capability.
Flexible: Can be easily combined with on-board fire suppression system.
Complete: System can be supplied complete with cables, connectors and annunciator panel.
Meets your requirements: FuelGuard is modular. It can be supplied from one channel of leak detection, to eight channels mounted in NEMA 4X enclosures.
Quality you can count on: 100%CAT (Computer Aided Testing) quality controlled.
Dependable: Delphian has been in the gas detection business for over 30 years selling to the industrial and petrochemical markets. We make the sensors, we make the electronics. We provide a complete package and troubleshooting help.
Rugged: Our sensor has an expected lifespan of 2-3 years. The system is designed for heavy duty use.
Easy to Repair and Maintain: Modular construction makes switching components quick and painless. Calibration is performed by attaching a gas bottle with regulator to a calibration adaptor. Built in safeguards prevent errors during calibration.
FuelGuard System Pictured on the left is a four channel FuelGuard system.

From left to right (housed in a NEMA 4X Enclosure with window):  alarm module,  4  leak detection modules with digital displays, and outside the enclosure 4 sensors for installation on the vehicle.



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